Why celebrate ‘Pretend You Are a Ninja Day’? In a world where time is as elusive as the Lochness monster. Where reminders, calendars and to do lists keep getting long while the actual amount of things that get done short, where do we have time to remember such a day. Which is precisely why you need to celebrate this day. Like how Environment Day reminds you to appreciate the environment, this day should remind you of the ninja in you.259px-hokusai-sketches-hokusai-manga-vol6-crop

So a ninja or a shinobi was one who practiced espionage and committed assassinations in the feudal era, though the sort of impression we have of ninjas nowadays are totally different. I myself refuse to believe these are just people killing based on contracts-mercenaries. I believe the sort of ninjas the Naruto series showed us. Who did espionage to protect their home and helped and protected innocent people. But lets face it no matter how cool spies (oh cmon don’t tell me you didn’t think of James Bond) are we have to admit these things fade away eventually, age will weaken your physique and senses. So its not just important to be a ninja, you must be a samurai too.

While ninjas specialized in infiltration and sabotage, samurai fought face to face. They followed strict code of ethics called Bushido, even in combat. And an honorable character is something you can prize even as you age. In fact it helps to get old, to gain various experiences, not that more experiences always mean wiser. (I just have to enter Gintama’s name here quickly, you don’t just watch Gintama and never talk about it when the word Bushido is mentioned!)

You celebrate ‘Pretend You Are Ninja a Day’ to recognize the moments you are living right now, these are in your hands so once in a while embrace that adventurer in you. The one who always wanted to do exciting things like sneak upon a villain and reveal their evil plans or explore new places and follow trails. So sneak up on your friends,colleagues & family and give them a pleasant surprise. Go camping and use your crazy ninja stealth powers to observe animals and birds. And lastly add a bit of samurai spirit, speak up your mind, muster courage to go stand and face your fears and maybe even write inspiring quotes on a post its and stick them around when nobody is watching and make both your and other people’s day a better one.